Saturday, April 30, 2011

Recommended list of stuff to bring

E-mail from our crew chief, Lee. (Who loves to use exclamation marks!!!!)

The following is a recommended [list of stuff to bring.] We will be getting a team T shirt--distributed in Oceanside.

Please don't over load the RV. There will be 16 of us living out of the RV and using the space to store stuff.

Alarm clock, wrist watch ones OK.
Drivers license and health insurance card, both in your possession.
Camera/film/chips. New batteries!
Cap/hat--sun or rain.
Glasses, sun glasses, spares, clip ons?
One pair long pants/tights
One long sleeve shirt
Plastic bag to segregate clean clothes from dirty clothes
Prescription medicines of any kind, you will be away from home 16 days or so. Plan.
Fun drugs
Personal stuff--soap,shampoo, shave kit, DEODORANT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tooth brush, paste, dental floss, etc.
Sanitary supplies
Shoes you are wearing, no sandals
2 pair shorts
4 pairs socks
Small pack to carry between vehicles upon crew changes
Sunscreen, lip stuff, drool catcher
4 T shirts, plus team T shirt
Underwear/bra--maybe 4?? Wear the same stuff for a couple of days, why change clothes when we don't get many showers???
Unique water bottle-labeled with your name/logo.
Lots of money, small bills

Travel light, space is the problem with 16 of us living out of the RV.

Crew laundry should be done Friday, June 17, the day before the race
" " " " " Wednesday, June 22.
" " " " " Monday, June 27, before we come home.

Lee will bring laundry bags for all crew and riders.

Riders will have laundry done Friday, June 17
Monday, June 20
Wednesday, June 22
Friday, June 24
Monday, June 27

When in doubt, leave stuff home!!! We will all smell the same, for sure!!!! Plan to take long showers at the finish motel--they know we are coming!!!! The groundwater may be depleted for a few days, you betcha!!!!!!

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