Saturday, June 25, 2011

This isn't about 50-59 age group records anymore

We finished the race!

To be honest, we were being realistic and saying we would be breaking the 50-59 age group record as our goal. It is so mind blowing that we have accomplished even more, beyond any of our wildest dreams.

We didn't only break, we crushed all of the old 4-women transcontinental bicycling records in book.

Old 50-59 age group 4-women record:
7 days, 10 hours, and 35 minutes set in 2010, average speed was 16.83 mph. Route was nearly the same as 2011's.

Old 18-49 age group 4-women record (former overall):
6 days, 12 hours, and 28 minutes set in 1996. Average speed was 18.57 mph. This was on a different route and was almost 100 miles shorter than 2011's.

New overall 4-women record:
6 days, 11 hours, and 34 minutes. Average speed was 19.22 mph.

How's that for a bunch of girls about half a century old? Apparently this is another proof that age is just a number!!

What happened here is so surreal and it may take some time to digest and believe that we did race all the way across the country. (In some ways, I feel like I am still in California.)


  1. Great job! IF it was clean

  2. Wow! I'm just blown away by your amazing ride. It's been exciting to check in every day to see how you were doing - more exciting than the Tour de France! Congratulations to all of you for finishing this grueling race and shattering old records in the process.

  3. From another anonymous!
    A friend of mine just wrote me a mail: "I just looked on their site again and unfortunately there is a stupid comment from someone.
    I can't stand that from someone who most likely doesn't know them and remains anonymous"

    Here is my answer (my wife would tell me to ignore, but that is not my style)
    A**h*** (and I stay polite), if you write stuff like that, you should have the nerve to write your name.
    I dare you, come and train one year long with my wife and myself. I wonder how long you will keep up. And every month we have a drug test. Myself, my wife but also you. Do you have the guts to do this? Otherwise, the only thing you can do is to appologise.
    Marc, a very proud husband of Cat

  4. Congratulations!!! there was never a doubt that you would set a new record. You are awesome!!!
    Howard G

  5. Marc - you seem to be a real gentleman. Your wife was right, you should not have made a fool of yourself.

    Ride clean,


  6. TONY, who?

    And for the report, our girls rode legally and clean. Your comments don't bother us because we know deep within our hearts and minds that our girls (and crew) raced with honor.

    Will you accept Marc's challenge or not?

  7. Dear Tony,
    Thank you for the complement that you think that our record is too good to be true!
    MY husband does not make a fool of himself, however, you do..
    Now please find someone else to harass.
    Kind regards,
    Catharina Berge