Sunday, June 19, 2011

Overdue pictures from startline

Our ladies perpared to hand in canned food as part of sign-in rule (to know whether we actually read the rules.) The food will be donated to food bank.

Start line:

The Organic Pastures had a booth at the startline. They originally were one of the sponsors for Cat's RAAM (solo) in 2005 and wanted to be chief sponsors this time. Cat is the center of attention! (Mark from Organic Pastures on left and some guy with a camera who wanted to take pictures of Cat.)

The Raw Milk Cats lining up for the first part of RAAM as a team. Of course, after they lined up, the person in white shirt hugged each one of them--he knows all four. Cat then will ride the first part for 21 miles.

(Sorry, no pictures from first day when everybody is closer together partly because the cameraperson had to sleep during her 4 PM to midnight shift!)

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