Saturday, June 18, 2011

RAAM Meeting, June 17th at 5 PM

The teams are introduced and one team was the talk of the night: The original 2-person "Ride for your Lives" mixed team changed to 8-person team less a week before RAAM. Katie, who was planning to ride RAAM with Sam as a teammate, broke her pelvis two weeks ago. Instead of withdrawing, she showed up on clutches and will still ride RAAM with her arms (handpedal). I understand that some of her crew became members of the 8-person team. Talk about crazy people…but again, this one is actually sane. At 22 years old, Katie already rowed solo across the Atlantic. So, it made sense why she would still do RAAM with her arms with help of six more people.

I am sure there were other interesting teams to learn about, but I wasn’t able to hear their stories at the meeting. Ah well, I can at least say that the atmosphere was energetic! Wishing the best of endurance luck to everybody (and to the soloists already out on road.)

Here is a picture of River Riders, Raw Milk Cats, and Team Ride Red! These three are all of the 4-women RAAM teams this year. The other two are in the under 50 age group, but we want to race them despite being over 50! I understand there was a bit of trash talking going on already. ;) (Of course, that was in all good fun!)

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