Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Organic Pastures Kits Are In

Organic Pastures in Fresno where the best Raw Milk comes from. Lori Cherry is wearing our new kits (jersey and shorts) hot off the press. Lori is consuming Organic Pastures Raw Milk as fast as she can to fuel up and get going on her bike!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Marc Pro Electro Stimulation Device

Marc Pro is on board as our newest sponsor! More to follow. Check them out at: www.marcpro.com

Following us During RAAM

I have been getting emails asking when we will arrive at certain cities on our way to Annapolis. If you go to www.raceacrossamerica.org once the race starts on June 18th at 2:00 PM (Pacific Time) you will be able to follow us as we check into Time Stations. Click on "Results". Then click on "Leaderboard". Find 4RawMilkCats. Click on us. You will be able to see arrival times for all the time stations we have been through. Also you can click on "Arrival Predictions" and see when we will get to the city and state near you. Several people will be driving to Time Stations to cheer us on.

Of course Mavis and others in our fabulous crew of 12 will be posting on this site and Facebook and Twitter.

Please come out and see us and cheer us on if possible. It is an enormous inspiration. Funny how the cadence increases with a smile ... a cheer ... and a vote of confidence.

Isabelle Drake

Hammer Nutrition

Thank you Steve Born/Hammer Nutrition for sponsoring us for the Race Across America. I have been using Hammer products since 2004 exclusively. The Sustained Energy is my favorite and was the only thing I could consume towards the end on my solo Furnace Creek 508 ride. I encourage anyone who hasn't tried Hammer products to get some Heed, Sustained Energy, Perpetuem or any of the supplements and try it out. No stomach issues with Hammer products!

Thanks also for putting me in the Hammer Nutrition Endurance Fuels & Supplements 2011 Product Catalog page 6 riding my leg for the Hammer Frogs 1st place finish October 2010 and course record for 4 women 50+. I am on the page with the new product Fizz ... just drop it into your water bottle. It is great ... easy way to get the electrolytes in.

Thanks again Steve!!

Isabelle Drake

RAAM Food Plan

Our team’s three main food goals are:

1) Having no leftovers at finish line.

2) Try to limit food prep to 1-2 people (namely Alan and Anne), since hygiene may not be optimal. This would limit any potential exposure to pathogens.

3) Avoid being fueled on simple sugar and caffeine mainly because this can affect our moods.


Alan Stokes collated the team’s comments and drafted a shopping list for a day before start of RAAM (apart from mini marts at gas stations, we likely won't get chances to shop during RAAM):

The basics are:

1) Milk, milk, milk!

2) A little bit of chocolate cake. (Not much!)

3) Meat and cheese or peanut butter sandwiches.

4) Cereals, oatmeal.

5) Fresh fruits and produces.

6) Instant coffee.

Furthermore, while everybody know they can survive on turkey and oatmeal, Alan plans to spice up the meals with possibly:

- black bean / rice / chicken - burritos
- grocery store roasted chicken - a number of different type of meals can be made from them
- microwaveable bacon - everything is better with bacon.
- pasta with marinara –

Unnecessary to say, a few expressed concern that they would gain weight during the race.